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            About us

            Company introduction

                     Kunshan SJ Electronic Scince&Technology Co., Ltd(KSSJ) originated from Shanghai YKC Circuit Board Co., Ltd. It was a joint venture between Shanghai Jinling Co., Ltd. and Japan YKC Co., Ltd. It mainly produces and sells single and double-sided board, carbon film board, carbon & silver paste through-hole board, carbon  & silver cross over board , mainly for the world-famous enterprises of Japan and the United States. In 2011, the company began to transform and restructure and successively extended sales companies and factories,such as Shanghai Twell Circuit Technology Co.,Ltd(TWELL)、 Hong Kong SJ Techonogy Limited.(HKSJ)、Kunshan SJ Electronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd(KSSJ).Kunshan SJ Electronic Science&Technology Co., Ltd(KSSJ) mainly produces all kinds of high and low resistance carbon film boards. The products are used for all kinds of automobile switches and air conditioning damper actuators、speed regulating switches of electric tools、game console handles、 Automobile central control touch screen, etc. The company has 3 high resistance carbon film processing lines and SMT/PCBA  processing workshop. We has a senior PCB technology team, a professional PCB R & D、carbon film production、 PCBA one-stop service enterprise. At present, our company has provided products for GM、 FAW、Ford、 GWM、 Geely, Dongfeng, Makita, Bosch, Dongcheng, Black&Decker and other enterprises. As one of the world's top 500 suppliers, we have won the praise of many customers with preferential price、 reliable quality and appropriate service. We are dedicated to serving new and old customers with the spirit of Learning、Gratitude、 Integrity and Professionalism.

            corporate culture


            Grow together with partners and create a better company to bring a better future


            Become the industry leader trusted by customers

            Sense of worth

            Gratitude, integrity, progress, cooperation and innovation